Have you ever trained seriously in a sport, did some competitions and everything that is going on with? I hope you did.

In this article, we focus on the story of Philippe Blancmunier, native of Besançon, France who is an athletic coach since 30 years. He is one of the founder of the Doubs Sud Athlétisme, one of the main Track club of the Doubs county in France and ranked nationally.

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Philippe started off with training everything in track (jumping, throwing and running) and later on decided to focus only on middle distance running; in a range from 800m to 10 000 meters. He has a training group in Besançon, France composed mainly of high school and college students.

Philippe reveals his approach of running and how he considers his athletes who compete. In here, we watch his training group doing a jog in the french nature and also compete in a cross-country race. Philippe explains his group spirit and what he likes about his passion: helping athletes to develop and embrace the pain to reach high goals.


Philippe states he wants to exploit the potential of everyone. He confesses his best memories as a coach and his best results in his coaching career. Indeed he managed to get athletes France champions and members of of the French track team.


He ends by stating a positive note on Track & Field and Cross-country. Passion goes on and Philippe can’t stop since he’s too passionate about what he’s doing.

Hope you liked the video guys!

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