Have you ever been in the Olympic Games? I guess maybe not? If you had the chance to participate in one, huge congrats to you 🙂

Here we are with Yann Gabet. Yann is an olympian who remained amateur in his entire career, and went to the Olympic Games twice in track cycling in Barcelona 1992 and Sydney 2000. After having won several France championship titles, Yann decided to stop his carrer and switched to running and triathlon.

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In 2008, Yann opened his own shop in Besançon, France: Gab & Sport. He then developed a business with trial running, triathlon and middle distance running;  Now he’s living from his passion and make others benefit as well. Indeed, he sets up night excursions for trail runners and make them run: people login to Facebook and go to the Team Gab&Sport group; there they see when the next running excursion is scheduled and they can come.

Equipped with headlamps, Yann runs with his team around Besançon area; they climb mountains and come back.

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Yann explains what services he offers in his shop and shows us a good example of conversion after high-level sport. Yann also trains friends and clients in trial running. 

I hope you enjoyed this video!

Next Episode: Philippe Blancmunier, a middle-distance running coach who trains in France since 1984 and shares us his passion.

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