I’m sure a lot of us know somebody who had a tragic accident in their life and has been disabled ever since. But who went through it and set an example to others?

We are grateful to know Léon Sur of France. Living in Sélestat, Alsace when he was a kid, he fell down on a wooden chart and got his leg dragged by the front wheel of the cart behind. His skin and bones were torn off; and he had to be amputated.

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Fortunately, Léon decided that he had something to give to the world: courage and rebellion. Indeed, he fell in love for sport shortly after his accident and started his journey in Morteau, France by playing Handball. His strong right arm made him a great contender in Javelin Throw; so he moved into the Track & Field medium.

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In 1976, 1980 and 1984, Léon took part in the Paralympic Games and achieved 3 silver medals and a gold one! The funny thing is that he did not earn the gold medal in Javelin Throw but in Bowling on the grass.

Finally, he worked hard as a volunteer for over 40 years. Now he wants to finish the current year as a Track & Field coach for kids, and then pass the baton to somebody else.

So, what is a volunteer action you did recently?

Next Episode: Yann Gabet, a two-time olympian in cycling who opened a running shop will share with us his passion.

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