Have you ever seen an innkeeper who likes to welcome hosts and is a high level trail runner?

This is the story of Patrick Bohard. Patrick has 53-years-old and lives in Le Chauffaud, France in a very simple way: in the morning he prepares breakfasts for guests, then he trains alone in the Doubs mountains. He comes back and prepares lunch. Please visit Auberge sur la Roche here.

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Hope you will be inspired by this video below!! I dare you to click 🙂 

For him, sharing moments with guests is important: he tells us his main job is innkeeper; while even though having great results, trail running is just a passion.

in here, we travel wihthin the beautiful Haut Doubs mountains and see Patrick running at ease. He gives us advices to evolve: for him, to excel means understand himself. The more he understands the further he’s able to go.

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Patrick finds his success with the balance he set up in his life: family, job, and sport. He organizes his sport travels according to his overall condition. He sets up everything and likes to master every aspect of his training.

It’s not always easy as he said, but he insists that he’s lucky to live from his passion. He recommends trying to find our balance between our interests.

What’s easy for you and what’s not? Please share 😉

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Next episode: Léon Sur, a four-time medalist at the Paralympic Games will tell us how he dedicated his life for sport.

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