Have you ever seen a center that specialized only with body transformation?

That is the innovation of José Martinez. José has been in the bodybuilding and sport business for 20 years. After 3 years of intensive research inspired by his work with high-level athletes, he shaped his own training method and developed it to master body transformation.

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On September 2016, José opened “Le Local” his own physical transformation center in Besançon, France. There, people come by appointments and have sessions with professionals 2 to 3 times a week. José and his physical transformer associates take the people in hand and provide them with pictures before/after, weekly weigh-ins and quality training.



They are going against the flow of society regarding sport, fitness and nutrition. The work occurs in the fitness room but does not end after leaving. Working on diet is also part of the goal: shape a new body we love in order to spread love for oneself and others.

José takes you to the surpassing oneself world and tells us about his passion watching his athletes obtain their goal at the end of their physical transformation.

Head first, then body. Let’s get transformed. Are you ready?


Next Episode: Patrick Bohard, an innkeeper and highly successful ultra-trailer will talk about his life.

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