Have you ever seen an amputated man who walks again after years of battle?

Finally having his prosthesis in 2014, Gabriel Mairot is a happy man, but it has not always been the case. I’ll be glad to know what you think of this story! So don’t be shy and share your opinion either on society or about this guy here in the blog or on YouTube 🙂




In 2008, when he came back from an expedition in Nepal he suddenly had a respiratory distress. Unfortunately it went worst and he spent 10 days in coma in Besançon, France. It was even more painful: his heart was only working at 20% and a serious infection is coming from his foot.

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Ever since, his heart starts off again but the infection is severe: the doctors have to amputate his leg.

10 months later, Gabriel was safe. He tried his first prosthesis. But He fell, and fell again. He could not walk properly. Then he decided to benefit from technology investing in the most advanced prosthesis ever created. But this had a cost: $60 000. To finance it, Gabriel wrote a book “My fight for a life on feet” tracing his life.


walk to the viewpoint

For 52 weeks, he stayed in supermarkets to make signings for people and present his story.

He ended up paying for his prosthesis! Ever since he feels like normal! Now, his focus is to fight injustice: he wants his example to feature the too important difficulties of having a reliable prosthesis. He will fight so that every amputee can benefit from technology and return to a normal life.

Next Episode: Patrick Bohard, an innkeeper and highly successful ultra-trailer will talk about his life.


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