Are you familiar with middle distance and cross-country running? No? Yes? Both are fine Because you will discover or rediscover the philosophy of this sport and what it takes to reach a certain level.

warm up

warm up

Bastien Perraux is the french Track/Cross-Country coach interviewed. He recently was in Rio de Janeiro for the Olympic Games and has trained more than 50 champions in Lyon, France.

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In this video, we’ll cover pain and other difficulties. These athletes are not built overnight, which is the beauty of the sport. I invite you to pay attention to that point. Here we see his training group in mid-October 2016. He describes a hill session; he encourages his athletes to push until the end and hold their running form.


after practice

At some point we see the plight of athletes and collateral emotional reactions! It’s a must-see! At the end, we hear a philosophical note on desire and achievement of targets!

Next Episode: a physiotherapist/triathlete talks about his project and organization.


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