You’ve been in a physiotherapist office. You’ve been in a triathlon meet or you’ve seen one on TV. But have you seen both at the same time?



Martin Bui is a French physiotherapist. He devotes time and energy to helping people during the day and trains later in 3 different sports! In this video, Martin gives details of how he added competing in triathlon to his job and what he likes about doing both.

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We go inside Martin’s office and see an appointment with a patient. He also rides his bike, swims and shares insight after a hard running work-out. He stopped competing in triathlons at some point for his studies and explains the choice he made.

Now, he’s involved in a “sport physiotherapy” training to bring his two passions closer.




At the end, he says he wants to focus only on preparing athletes for competitions or helping them recover from previous sport events. Sport sport sport!

Next Episode: Gabriel Mairot, an amputee who does the impossible to walk again!


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