SPORT THROUGH LIFE tells stories about people who love sport: they are passionate by what they do but not necessarily use it to compete at high level.  Original stories will show up featuring emotion, search of freedom, philosophy and how to overcome challenges. My goal is to make you discover things related to SPORT and LIFE.

Each week, a new video is released on a PASSIONATE sport people or group of people. You will have the privilege to discover people who deserve to be known for what they have done.

What I’m mainly interested about is how we can relate the love for our sport to the life we live – we certainly can make the two of them coincide. We will learn a true passion IS NOT a sacrifice since it’s our choice.

VARIETY is a key word to me: it means being different is good, and when you go further in your difference – then you create something new inspire others.

At some point, we’ll use sport to maintain balance when something harmful HAPPENS because life is not rosy at all time.

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